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It is one of our highest interests to see our clients extremely happy with there purchases. We ask them to give Testimonials in order to create a viewpoint directly to potential future clients. This way you don’t have to take our word for it, but actually experience it first hand from our customers. We hope the testimonials will reflect what it is we are.

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I, about 3 years go decided that I have had enough of drivers blowing my Merc Sprinter 412D diesel engine. Threw it out, purchased a Lexus GS400 vvti and plonked it in all by myself. I now needed someone for the electronics. After a Cape Town guy from ARD messed up this, I contacted Lextreme Pretoria. Posted the messed up wiring harness to them, and one week later all was returned, I refitted the repaired wiring and one swing of the starter and she idled. Not only did they reconnect the wiring to the ECU but also supplied a fuse and relay box fitted with LED diagnostic light and the works. THEY ARE GREAT. Telephonic assistance all the way as well. Sprinter has done about 50,000ks since with 3 Namibian desert tours as well as about a dozen Garden Routes.
Pulling a body of over 3.5 tons plus up to 18 persons on board averaging 17 liters fuel per 100ks with Lexus auto box. My drivers say they see the hill ahead and moments later wonder what happened to it. Thanks to TIM and JEANDRE and the others of lextreme.co.za your assistance requires a 7 star award.
Salie…. Sunliner Tours Cape Town

Salie Firfirey
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