Featured products

Featured Products

These are our Featured products that can be supplied  you in order for conversions to be done with ease. We have a wide range of featured products and if you don’t see the specific items your are looking for please give us a call as we should have them in stock. We are updating this site constantly and are adding new parts all the time.

We have a wide range of engines all in running condition. Our stock consists of pre-wired Lexus V8 1UZ engines for sale as well as 2JZGTE, 3UZFE, 1UZFE as well as the newer drive trains like the 3UZ 6 Speed, UR and GR series engines. All Pre wired and ready to install with a simple three wire system for start up and an additional three wires for tachometer, temperature and oil pressure light to make it as easy for our clients as possible. We also incorporate on board diagnostics so you have the piece of mind everything is running as it should.

The 2GR-FSE engines are great for upgrades to the IS250 as the standard power output is not great. This brings the power up to the same as the IS350 with ease and reliability. All electronics will work as though nothing was changed. This makes it one of the featured products we are proud of.

Our company imports our own stock and wires them up making things better for our clients in price, quality and customer service. Check our our featured products to see what we are able offer. Lextreme also gives full technical support to our clients regarding the correct parts to use as well as the correct methods of installation. This is critical in order to the conversion to turn into something you will enjoy.

We also offer full do it yourself informational pages on www.lextreme.co.za and more information on the Lexus V8 Engines