Lexus V8 Race Car IS300 / IS200

Lexus V8 Race Car IS300

The IS200 and IS300 were considered to be the next generation Supra in a lot of peoples eyes. These vehicles were a perfect model to build a street racer or just a fun car or Lexus V8 Race Car IS300 as a daily, fun driving vehicle. The Lexus IS300 has good handling and come with a young sporty feel. There are a huge amount of aftermarket accessory’s available for these cars from suspension upgrades to body kits, 2JZ-GTE engine upgrade parts and a lot more.. As an example lets say for suspension you can take a look at or body kits you can go to making it easy for you to build up a Lexus V8 Race Car IS300. The majority of conversions on the IS’s are 2JZ-GTE conversions. These are world famous engines and known for there upgradeability. This is an example of a street car with the 2JZ-GTE engine installed as a private modification example of a Lexus V8 Race Car IS300

Here is a company that has upgraded the 2JZ-GTE engine for a drag strip. It gives a good idea of what this fantastic engine can offer.

There are a lot of modifications one can do but remember never to try and be the fastest as this is not possible. You must look at it in the way of having a vehicle that will suit your needs. You can either build a fun daily driver car, a street car or a racer for the track. Don’t try and build a track car for every day driving as it will not be a pleasure to drive on a daily basis. A really good every day conversion for these cars is the 1UZ-FE VVT Lexus V8 engine or even the 3UZ-FE V8 Lexus engine from the GS430. These engines give a horse power of 300 and 224 KW at 5600 rpm with 441 N·m of torque at 3400 rpm . The 3UZ-FE VVT-i is a 4.3 L (4,292 cc or 261.9 cu in) . It runs a cylinder bore of 91 mm (3.6 in) and the stroke of 82.5 mm (3.25 in).  . It has an engine block made from aluminum  and aluminum Direct overhead camshaft cylinder heads. It uses  4 valves per cylinder with VVT-i. From 2003 the engine was mated to a six-speed automatic in applications with improved fuel efficiency however the ratios on the first and second gear has a longer ratio giving slightly less power in first and second. However the final gear on the five speed is around ,7 where the six speed runs at ,5. Would you like a Lexus V8 Race Car IS300? Just admit this could be a lot of fun

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