Lexus V8 Contacts

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You can use the following

Lexus V8 Contacts on facebook, or simply give our team a call to discuss your Lexus V8 upgrade.

We are there to help

Feel free to come and see us regarding either a Lexus V8 engine or conversion you may be planning in the future. We are looking forward to contributing knowledge so you are informed on your decision before you may enter a long road of problems. It is very important to get as much information as possible before either sending your vehicle into a conversion shop or attempting to tackle a conversion yourself. It is an easy process but there are a few tips one can use to have it done correctly. This will save you time and money.

We also supply 1JZ GTE, 2JZ GTE and the Lexus V6 engines all pre-wired and in running condition

Address: Lextreme
7 Silverfas
96 Fascia Road


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