Lexus V8 Engine Mounting Plates
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Lexus V8 Engine Mounting Plates

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Lexus V8 Engine Mounting Plates

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Lexus V8 Engine Mounting Plates

We are honored to present you our Lexus V8 Engine Mounting Plates. These engine mounting plates have been laser cut to perfection so an installer of a Lexus V8 can do his job neatly and professionally. This makes it easy to create the mountings to suit any vehicle. We sell all the parts required to build your own mountings professionally. This comprises of the block plate, the rubber mounting top plate and the chassis or rubber mounting lower plate. Paper templates should be made to insure your engine is fitted exactly the way intended and once happy with the design the template is placed on a sheet of 4 mm or 5 mm steel and traced out. This way a person can put a bit of effort into the design and not become frustrated from a lack of work space.

Lexus V8 Engine Mounting Plates should be built with a 45 degree design in mind. The original Toyota Hilux Vigo  engine mountings should be used and they fit snuggle to the engine block with little waisted space. They are also designed of an engine of similar weight and were designed for four wheel drive applications.
The reasoning the Lexus V8 Engine Mounting Plates should be built in a 45 degree is that the engine weight will work for you as the engine will always try and remain in the centre on the wedge. The weight of the engine will compress the mounting rubbers and not try and rip them to pieces. This is vital especially for bukkie of 4×4 vehicles.

There is a section describing how this is done found here on

There is also a lot of information regarding the Lexus V8 Engines as well as Toyota srtaight six engines at

If you are still unsure about the methods that should be used give us a call and we will be glad to assist you where we can.

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