Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round
1UZ and 2UZ and 3UZ Exhaust flange sharp Round
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Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round

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Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round


Nowadays car is not just a vehicle, it is a part of you, it influences your style and your character. Car is a part of culture because we spend a significant amount of time of our lives by the steering wheel.

Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round

Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round are for clients and installers to have an easy job ahead of them and not suffer finding the correct quality and parts available to ensure a good Lexus V8 conversion. It is the simple things that can take up a lot of your your time when trying to do things with an outstanding standard that one would want in there vehicle. This is why we offer items like the Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round, just making life easier without the mission or massive end cost. It is worth buying these Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round and supplying your local exhaust installer with them to ensure you don’t have a make do job installed in your vehicle.

These Lexus V8 Exhaust Flanges Round have been laser made from eight millimetre mild steel and cut to the exact shape of the exhaust header flange. They can simply be sealed with a metal gasket bought from any automotive parts supplier or exhaust shop and cut to the same shape as the flanges. They do not require the ring type gasket as the standard size of the original OEM parts are extremely difficult to find in the South African market.

We have a couple of other websites for more information regarding the Lexus V8 engines. You can go visit them at and

These sites will give a full insight of the Lexus engines and a full page on How to guides that should describe step by step methods of doing things on your engine as well as your conversion. If you don’t find what you are looking for give us a call and we will add it to the lists of upcoming pages. This is to make things as easy as we can for our customers.

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