Lexus V8 Timing Belts
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Lexus V8 Timing Belts

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Lexus V8 Timing Belts

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Nowadays car is not just a vehicle, it is a part of you, it influences your style and your character. Car is a part of culture because we spend a significant amount of time of our lives by the steering wheel.

Lexus V8 Timing Belts

Most of the time in a vehicles life span the Lexus V8 Timing Belts are forgotten about and seldom remembered. A very dangerous thing to do as this can course extreme cost in damaging internal engine components when it breaks. It is well worth taking note of the time and mileage that is was changes and actually making a not of this on the vehicles engine covers that it can not be misplaced. It is something people do not think about when changing the Timing belt.

If Lexus V8 Timing Belts are abused and forgotten about they will break and tend to bend valves and even cause major damage  to pistons making it totally non cost effective fixing the problem. A total engine replacement would be in order if this happens.

Lexus V8 Timing Belts change is a critical component to change and to know how long the Lexus V8 Timing Belts have been on the drive train, many kilometres it has been driven for and how long they have been on the engine in actual time line. The Lexus V8 Timing Belts should be changes in intervals of 80000 km but to be safe. If a timing belt fails it will destroy the valves. The process of changing the Lexus V8 Timing Belts can be found under Installation of Timing Belt for Lexus 1UZ VVT + 3UZ on our sister website under

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