V8 Lexus Rear Sump
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V8 Lexus Rear Sump

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V8 Lexus Rear Sump

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V8 Lexus Rear Sump

V8 Lexus Rear Sump available on exchange of your front sump with a small pay in. This is so you don’t have to worry about things fitting incorrectly. This is an original Lexus Rear sump set-up that keeps things as original as possible. Home made sumps suffer from leaking oils and really come across looking a bit shabby. One can build a V8 Lexus Rear Sump that looks great and functions well but this takes a lot of time that is simply not worth it. There are vehicles like the Lexus IS200 and IS300 that no standard or mass built sump will fit and in a situation like this you are left with no choice but to spend some time and build it yourself. We can offer all the requires flanges to be able to build one yourself using the original bowl. 

There are a lot of after market V8 Lexus Rear Sump out there but they can not compare to the original OEM sump in quality or fitments. The fact is the after market sumps are thrown together and simply look terrible. Another issue is that the dipstick fitments is critical for a accurate oil level display to the owner. If this is wrong you could have too little oil in the system causing early oil contamination and resulting in a very expensive result in replacing your drive train for main and big end bearing failure. This would start by dirtying your engine block with carbon.

For information regarding fitments of a sump and other parts visit our fitments centre for DIY at Lextreme

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