Timothy Symons


Timothy Symons (Owner)

Worked in product development from 1995 at the C.S.I.R in Pretoria, working on new developments in mainly construction materials. His main responsibility’s were process engineering involving the design and manufacture of prototype machinery to support the developments in the technologies produced in laboratory’s at Tower Technologies.

In 1999 it became a hobby learning the electronic control systems in Lexus and was an interest doing the odd wiring jobs for friends that wanted Lexus V8 engines installed into there vehicles.

In 2008  he went to the Cape to run a company that was struggling to get there production in line. The company failed as a result of corporate problems that led to its failure.

2009 Lextreme Engine management Systems began and has grown ever since leading to the biggest supplier of Lexus V8 engines that are brought in, wired, tested, and sold to clients around southern Africa.

This has grown from there up till today where he has generated a company with the help of his staff to what Lextreme stands for today.


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